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My Gluten Free Journey

Judee was diagnosed as a celiac back in December of 1993 just days after her 2nd son was born. Through the years she has witnessed the evolution of gluten free food from expensive and poor tasting to expensive and tolerable. She has sampled the complicated recipes and has perfected her own baker friendly GF bread mix over the last 6 years which has become a local favorite in Dublin, Ohio and amongst friends and family across the country. An involved community volunteer and a former Dublin Food Pantry director, Judee balances her busy life as a growing business owner and mother of 3 children.

Judee's pizza crusts, hamburger and sub buns can be found in over 150 restaurants around the midwest Ohio area. Sourcing the 13 ingredients required to make her GF bread products led to selling ingredients separately on Amazon. Gluten Free You and Me now offers over 15 raw ingredient products through Amazon that are distributed nationwide and through Canada.