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Dried Egg Whites

Pizza Crust

Mix 2 teaspoons Dried Egg Whites with 2 Tablespoons water. It is easier to mix dried egg whites above 65 degrees and after mixing with other ingredients.
Pasteurized and dried egg whites require no refrigeration and have a long shelf life--and it eliminates the risk of salmonella, especially useful in uncooked preparations like royal icing

Nutrition Label Notification

8 oz Egg Whites Before 6/1/2016
Amazon customers have always received 100% pure dried egg whites. Unfortunately, the printed labels on some of the packages had incorrect nutrition information. The nutrition info has always been correct on the Amazon website.
1 Tablespoon serving size of 5 grams is:
19 calories
0 fat
0 cholesterol
64 mg sodium (3% DV)
0 carbohydrates
4 g protein (8% DV)

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